About Me

About Me

I love projects!

I come from a creative background and have always had a love of story telling and the moving image. I am self motivated, can give/receive direction and can be trusted to produce results without supervision. I love working in team projects and I make sure my part of the collaboration is of a high standard, organised for my fellow team and done so on time.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Screen (SAE Byron Bay) which I acquired firm hands on skills and understanding of the various parts of the production pipleline from scripting, filming, lighting, all the way through to post production, including editing, colour grading and of course animation and Special Effects.

I have honed these skills over the years working on various projects for different purposes and outcomes. I have won several awards for my spfx including 3 from prominent independent festivals in the U.S. most notably a "Maverick" for "Best SPFX" on Stuart Simpson's cult classic "El Monstro Del Mar".

I find great joy in creating both as a stand alone producer and as a collaborator in a group project, especially when I am working with talented artists who will do what it takes not only to get the job done but done with exceptional eye to detail for outcomes that are above and beyond. And there is no hurt in having some fun along the way!


My philosophy when it comes to design and the moving image is simple
"Every frame can be a work of art"