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Spfx &Compositing

Spfx & Compositing

I sometimes joke about computers being modern surrealist machines that give us the ability to change a mundane image into the profound. However having spfx as a tool to enhance any given story is no joke!

Wether you need complex scenes developed from the ground up or you just wish to compliment and enhance a scene that has already been created you have landed in the right place

I offer the follow skills and techniques :

  • Spfx design
  • Compositing
  • Particle systems
  • 2d tracking
  • 3d tracking
  • Rotoscoping

I come from a creative background and have an eye for detail. I will make sure your next project has seamless fx intergrated with a polish that is second to none! My philosophy is simple. "Every frame can be a work of art!" Please contact me so we can discuss what I have to offer you and your business.